My travelogs...

As you see, I like travelling very much. I planned to write travelogs about all my vacation trips. But it is a lot of work, so I still get stuck in the german part of my homepage. As a courtesy to my relatives in canda, I did one complete translation.
The rest will follow in future (whenever this is...;-) ).

Year/Date Location
1989, Spring Bolivia and Peru
1992, Spring USA, Louisana, Colorado, Westcoast
1992, Fall USA, San Diego
1993, Summer USA, 7 weeks from the Westcoast to Louisiana
1993, Fall USA, Salt Lake City to Las Vegas
1994, Summer Canada/USA, from Toronto to Alaska
1994, Fall USA, short trip to the Westcoast
1995, Summer USA, Westcoast, from Los Angeles to Seattle
1995, fall USA, my first visit to the Eastcoast
1996, fall Alaska, where I lost my soul...
1997, fall USA, the Middle West
1997, fall USA, on the tracks of 1993
1998, fall Canada, Nova Scotia a live report
1999, fall USA, short trip to the Westcoast
1999, fall USA/Canada Eastcoast
2000, fall Western Canada with a short visit to Alaska
2001, spring Cyprus
2002, spring Hawai'i / California
2002, fall US, Westcoast (again)

To be continued...