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fall 1999


My christmas - gift in 1998 for my father was a promise to serve him as a guide and driver for vacancies in Canada.
In spring 1999 we decided to plan the trip for fall 1999. Our roundtrip started in Chicago. From there we drove to the coast near Boston and Providence. Then we visited New Hampshire and Bar Harbor. After that, we drove through Quebec - Montreal - Toronto to London, Ontario where whe visited our relatives. From London we headed back to Chicago from where we had our flight back to Switzerland.

On this trip I took my notebook with me and wrote most of the pages every evening (when my father was sleeping).


It was a nice trip. The weather was a bit unstable, but overall good. It was a lot of driving, 3'500 miles in 18 days... tiring. It was a pleasure to visit our relatives in Canada, they are nice guys.