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This Blogpost will be in english - or kind of english :-)

Some days ago, I received an e-mail from American Airline through my friend Thomas. They announce a promotion for 30'000 extra miles on AAdvantage for any flight Europe to U.S. from begin of September until December 19th while travelling in business class or higher.

This did sound quite exciting and I started making plans for vacations. My first idea was to visit Hawai'i over Christmas and New Year. But it seems, the promotion is only valid for trips  that are completed until December 19th. While I was a bit unsure about the excact conditions, I tried to reach American Airlines or AAdvantage.

First, this looked easy. I am following American Airlines on Twitter. So I tweeted my question and AA were repeating fast. But they couldn't answer my questions and referred to their customer service number 800 882 8880.

I also tried to ask/complain through their online form on the web. But they sent me back to the same phone number.

I know, that American Airlines has a local (Swiiss) phone number (+41) (0)848 000 730. But there is a small issue with this number. First, the local (German) language support is only limited (Business Hours) and second, the phone number is not free. On a landline, it is a small fee of 0.08 CHF (6.7 cents US) per minute, which seems affordable. But on my mobile phone plan (which includes free calls to whole Switzerland) this premium rate number will be charged with 0.30 CHF (0.25 $ US) per minute. Since calls are charged from the first minute - also in the queue - this is more a ripp off than a premium number. To be honest, this is a problem of Swisscom, not American Airlines. But any chat or mail contact would be easier to use.

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